Flash News

Flash News (After S.S.12)

5          Alexandros TSOULOFTAS (CYP) / Stelios ELIA (CYP) "It was a very difficult day today. We had many problems with the car. But there was no compet...

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Flash News (After S.S.9)

5          Alexandros TSOULOFTAS (CYP) / Stelios ELIA (CYP) "We will manage our lead with an intelligent way, our goal is to finish. I hope we do not fa...

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Rally Flash News (Before SS7)

Car No4 S. Galatariotis / A. Ioannou didn’t start LEG 2 as the crew decided to withdraw from the rally....

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Όλοι οι νικητές του Ράλλυ Κύπρος, ανά κατηγορία

PRESS RELEASE [ Nicosia, 30/09/2021 ] -   Πέρα από τη γενική κατάταξη στο Ράλλυ Κύπρος 2021 υπήρχαν πολλοί νικητές στις διάφορες κατηγορίες της διοργάνωση...

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Dominate performance by Tsouloftas in the 49th Cyprus Rally

PRESS RELEASE [Nicosia, Sept. 26, 2021] - Alexandros Tsouloftas and co-driver Stelios Elia, in the bucket of a Volkswagen Polo GTi, won all six of Sunday’...

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Tsouloftas comfortably in the lead, halfway through the final day

After winning all three special stages on Sunday (26/9) morning, Alexandros Tsouloftas and co-driver Stelios Elia, with a Volkswagen Polo, are set to claim...

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