Global distinction and recognition for the Cyprus Rally Organising Committee

The Cyprus Rally and the Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA) have made Cyprus proud with a global distinction by the FIA towards the Organising Committee of the 2017 Cyprus Rally for the world’s best volunteers’ organizing committee in the world!

“Here at the FIA we strongly believe in celebrating and rewarding the commitment of those individuals who give up their spare time to assist in motorsports organization” said Mr. Mumtaz Tahincioglu, FIA Council Member and President of the Volunteers and Officers Committee. He added “With the power vested in me by the FIA as the President of the Volunteers and Officials Committee, I announce with great pleasure that the organising committee of the 2017 Cyprus Rally is officially declared as the ‘Best team of Officials’ that we’ve had last season. We rely on all members of such organising committees that encourage volunteers to carry on their work, greatly benefitting the sport.”

The esteemed trophy was received via mail by the CAA alongside a certificate and also special commemorative pins for all the members of the organising committee. The award was presented to all the members of the Cyprus Rally organising committee at the CAA HQ, in the Cyprus Olympic Committee facilities.

Mr. Antonis Michaelides, President of the CAA and President of the Cyprus Rally organising committee spoke for this great distinction: “The FIA greatly honors our committee with this award.  This is a true, global, recognition towards the timeless devotion of our organisers towards motorsports.  This, of course, gives no time to rest as this award does not indicate any form of perfection on our behalf. On the contrary, we will continue displaying the same zeal and devotion to our goals, aiming to raise our standards and our rally even higher, further honoring the sport itself but also our country.”

Clerk of the Course, Mrs. Nayia Kontopoulou: “It is common knowledge that most international events are organised mostly by professionals with huge budgets. This award is a testament to the soul and spirit we invest in every Cyprus Rally, which overshadows any budget. We hoisted our country on the top of global motorsports. We are tremendously proud for this award.  This is a recognition for us on a personal level, for our Rally, for our Association but also our country.” It should be noted that in 2016 Mrs. Nayia Kontopoulou was awarded the «FΙΑ Best Senior Official of the season 2016» award, for her work as Clerk of the Course, while also becoming a member of the FIA Rally Commission.