A unique Cyprus Rally course awaits!

Fourteen special stages through 723,61 kilometers


This year’s Cyprus Rally will be consisted of fourteen mixed surface (dirt/asphalt) special stages. This year’s course will have many particular characteristics while the main ingredient remains the high average speed that the cars enjoyed in the previous years. The rally will have a total length of 723.61 kilometers, 219,24 of which will be special stages through which the crowds can enjoy a high-speed adrenaline rush!


Our rally will take place sooner this year than previous seasons, with the event happening on the weekend between the 16th and 18th of June and will once again be based in Nicosia. This will be the fourth round of the 2017 European Rallying Championship and will remain as the only rally in the world that hosts two regional championships of the FIA.

Proceedings will begin on the morning of Friday 16h of June with testing but also the Qualifying Stage that will determine the order in which the drivers will begin the stages. This will be a 4,85 kilometer stage just outside of Nicosia. On the afternoon of  the same day , at 19:00, cars and crews will gather on the beachfront of Foinikoudes in Larnaca for the ceremonial start before they return back to the capital and the Service Park. The difference with last year is that there will be no action on Friday after the start. All the action begins on Saturday morning, 17th of June, with eight special stage (four in the morning, which are to be repeated in the afternoon) with a total length of 117,10 kilometers.


The first stage (21.66 kilometers) will take place in Kalo Chorio while the second is in Lefkara with a length of 18,48 kilometers. This stage will be named “Giorgos Kyprianou”, in memory of the young rally enthusiast and son of the Cyprus Rally champion, Kypros Kyprianou. Also, the FIA Action For Road Safety campaign will be featured throughout the rally, and the fastest local crew on this second stage will be given a trophy to commemorate Giorgos Kyprianou. The third stage will see cars travelling through Analyontas. The stage will have a total length of 14.41 kilometers. All remaining cars will then return to the capital for the fourth stage, which will be none other than the famous CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage which will be held for a fourth year running in the heart of Nicosia and its divided body. All four stages, including the CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage will be repeated twice! The start times for the CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage on Saturday are 11:27 for the morning loop and 16:59 in the afternoon.


Sunday will include the remaining six special stages. First in line is the very fast Geri stage, 22 km in length then straight to Avdellero (23.43 km). Following the lunch break, these two stages will be repeated. The final two stages of the 2017 Cyprus Rally will be the two Golden Stages, which will also offer cash prizes to the fastest crews of these two stages (total time through both stages). The rally will then come to a close in the Finish Ceremony which will take place at the Ayia Napa port at 18:00 on Sunday afternoon.




Following the publication of the course, the organizing committee wishes to be very clear that should any contestant be seen passing through any of the aforementioned stages will be reported to the stewards, where they are likely to face exclusion from the rally. Moreover, the precise location of the two Golden Stages will be announced later in order to not give an unfair advantage to local crews against the foreign crews. It should also be noted that the organizing committee is monitoring every stage of the rally with precision equipment in order to monitor all the cars that go through



Cyprus Rally 2017 Course

Friiday 16th of June

          Length Time

Testing                                                            04.37   07:00

Qualifying Stage                                                         04.37   10:10

Start, Larnaca                                                             19:00


Saturday 17th of June

SS1 Kalo Chorio 1                                                      21.66   07:43

SS2 “Giorgos Kyprianou”Lefkara 1                            18.48   08:36

SS3 Analyontas 1                                                       14.41   09:24

SS4 CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage 1        04.00   11:27

SS5 Kalo Chorio 2                                                      21.66   13:15

SS6 “Giorgos Kyprianou”Lefkara 2                            18.48   14:08

SS7 Analyontas 2                                                       14.41   14:56

SS8 CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage 2        04.00   16:59


Sunday 18th of June

SS 9  Geri 1                                                                22.00   09:40

SS10 Avdellero 1                                                        23.43   10:28

SS11 Geri 2                                                                22.00   12:26

SS12 Avdellero 2                                                        23.43   13:14

SS13 Golden Stage 1                                                 05.31   15:42

SS14 Golden Stage 2                                                 05.97   16:15

Finish, Ayia Napa                                                        18:00



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