Be a volunteer, experience the rally first-hand!


Much like every other international-scale organization, the Cyprus Rally 2017 could not be an exception in that it needs its volunteers playing a key-role in bringing this event to its absolute fruition.


Everyone involved, teams, cars, crews and the organization, are all carefully preparing for the most important event of the year which will promote our country world-wide. The unsung heroes of such events, the people on the clocks, the marshals and safety officers are the life-blood of the rally. You, too, can be one of those people who will play a greatly important part in making this rally one for the ages.


Hundreds of volunteers will take positions in the special stages once again this year. Volunteers will man the Time Control Stations at the start and finish of every Special Stage but also the Service park. Another important volunteer group is the Safety Team which will be responsible for the closing of all the important roads ahead of the action. At the same time, volunteers will also help spectators get to good and, above all, safe viewing spots.


The Cyprus Automobile Association welcomes all who are willing to volunteer their services for this year’s rally. All who are interested can call the Association directly at 22 313233 or via email at





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