1. Sirmacis car no.2

This rally so far is going pretty well for us. We made some wrong tyre choices, but overall we are pleased with the results. Tomorrow we will be going flat out especially in the golden stage.


Κ. Zenonos  car no. 8:

The special stages are really good, we keep a steady pace and we aim for the finish. We try not to make mistakes.


  1. Demosthenous car no 7:

We have managed to be first in our category (Cypriot crews) which was our initial goal. From now on we are racing in safe mode.


  1. Polycarpou car no. 10:

Today I am pleased with my results. I am patiently waiting for the golden stage as i know the stage really well so that i can go flat out and win.


Chips junior car no. 11:

Our initial goal today was to go flat out, some stages were very slippery and we lost two tyres. We are second in our category (Cypriot crews) and we are waiting for tomorrow.


R.Al-Naimi car no 22

The races was very good but there were a lot of problems specifically 5 for example with the handbrake.


B.Banaz car no 15

It was very nice experience, but very dangerous . Everything was very good.


Z.Manoli car no 39

The last race it was very tuff and difficult for both drivers and cars .The other races was very good. Tomorrow the best will win. I hope that now one will know the races . All the rewards from the golden stage are going to the foreign.


 M.Gribel car no 5

It was nice. It’s my first time in Cyprus. I am very happy. The only problem we had it was the communication between me and my co-driver.


R.Asmar car no 19

The races was really good , it was very easy. The only problem was the dust.


  1. Paphitis car no. 36:

The stages were very nice. We are very pleased with the result despite the problems we faced today.


  1. Laos car no. 33:

The stages in the northern part were dangerous especially due to the spectators.


  1. Antoniou car no. 24:

The last stage was joyful. The spectators really enjoyed the spectacle


  1. Panteli car no. 23:

The SSS was very nice. Many spectators.


  1. kyriakou car no.41:

I made a mistake crashed the back of the car. The stage was very good.


Mitch car no. 43:

We had some issues with the car in the first stage that affected our performance. It was a really good stage.


Ch. Charalambous car no. 42:

Very good stage. We hope we can reach the finishing ramp tomorrow.


Tsouloftas car no. 101:

The people were very welcoming. This is my first time participating in a Cyprus Rally. We had a small issue which kept us from pushing. Our aim is to cover as much ground as possible in order to be ready for the next rally ahead.


  1. Botka car no. 4

We had a crush but otherwise the special stage went well.


  1. Lukyanuk car no. 1

During this stage we increased our time advantages further.


  1. Bostanci car no. 12

The special stage was their favorite despite a lost bumper and a problem with open tailgate.


  1. Al-Kuwari car no. 21

Had problems with the steering, feels lucky to be able to finish today.


Ü. Özdemir car no.14

There were more problems during normal stages than during special stage.


  1. Banaz car no. 15

Enjoyed the special stage, especially the jump. Lost bumper in the water.


  1. Denktas car no. 34

The special stage went smoothly.


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