Sirmacis car no. 2

We had no major problems. I really liked this stage.


Griebel car no. 5

Had no problems with the car or the stage and I am happy with the results.


Lukyanuk car no. 1

We are really happy with the results so far.


Asmar car no. 19

This stage was easy.


Feghali car no. 20

No problems with the car and everything is going according to plan.


Bostanci car no. 12

We were careful to preserve the tires for the next stage.


Banaz car no. 15

We had no problems with the car and it was an easy stage.


Al-Naimi car no. 22

This stage went smoother and faster than yesterday’s.


P.Yiangou car no.32:

We had problems with the gearbox.


Kyriakou car no.41:

Both special stages were really good. It is an honor for me to finish the rally in my own country.


Paphitis car no.36:

We had a good start in the first two special stages. We are very satisfied with the results.


Savvas car no. 26:

The car is ok and I believe we are in a good position.


Chips Junior car no.11:

The special stages were new for us. We went flat out


Demosthenous car no.7:

We are racing in safe mode so that we can maintain our position.


Laos car no.33:
Unfortunately, we had a puncture and it ruined everything we accomplished.

C.Charalambous car no.42:

The race was good. I liked the special stages today. I didn’t have any problem with the car.


Zenonos car no. 8:

Today everything was ok. Our goal is to get closer to our opponent Nikolas, who is 15 seconds ahead. We are positive.


Poseidias car no. 27:

The race was very good, I really enjoyed it, I am positive for the next special stages.


D.Botka car no. 4:

I had many problems today in some points. There was smoke coming out of the trunk but we don’t know what was it. We will check it and I hope everything will be okay.


P.Polykarpou car no. 10:

So far so good. Our goal is to be in the first 10.


Mitch car no.43:

I didn’t like the stages. I was driving slowly so that I wouldn’t damage the car.


Manoli car no.39:

Everything was good. The car was fixed and today we didn’t have any problems with it. We are positive and our goal is to beat the two opponents from Turkey.


Antoniou car no. 24:

We came out strong today. We are first. Today the special stages were good. The next stages will be difficult but we will go flat out.